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Restoration supplies:

  • Talas - A bookbinder's supply outfit. They have bookbinding cloth, leather, adhesives, paring and other tools.
  • Woodcraft - woodworker's supply. They carry micromesh sanding cloth, as well as some handy adhesives.
  • Tandy leather. Leather and leatherworking supplies.

Mah Jong and Other Vintage Games:

  • www.Charli.org. An invaluable resource for Mah Jong fans, a compendium of knowledge, and a well-done website. Plus beautiful joker stickers for your tiles. Check out "The Book" for information on set manufacturers and history.
  • Tom Sloper's site "Sloperama" has great information on Mah Jong.
  • Collector's Weekly is a compendium of all collectibles, with a terrific section on vintage games. They include listings of current Ebay auctions.
  • "Mahjongtiles" belongs to a collector who maintains a collection of spare tiles for sale, should you need a few to complete a set.
  • "Old Board Games" is a reference site geared around board games published in the United Kingdom in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's. It has information valuable for collectors or anyone researching vintage board games of this era.
  • Donay Games: Based in London, they sell vintage and antique games, many of European origin. This site is definitely worth a visit.
  • www.mahjongmahjong.com: "We specialize in vintage Mah Jong games". I get many inquiries about whehter my games are for sale - they generally aren't. If you are interested in purchasing a unque vintage Mah Jong set, check out MahjongMahjong. They have beautiful vintage Mah Jong sets, and they are for sale.

Information on bakelite and other plastics:

  • Plastiquarian. Information on the history of a variety of plastics. Very informative.
  • Bakelite World. All about bakelite.
  • Catalin Corner. A radio collector site that goes into production methods of cast and molded phenolics.
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